Better Returns: Invest Like a Pro

Unlocking Financial Freedom: A Physician's Journey

August 15, 2023 Roderick Capelo Episode 25
Better Returns: Invest Like a Pro
Unlocking Financial Freedom: A Physician's Journey
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In this week’s podcast episode, Roderick Capelo, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who has also successfully ventured into the world of real estate investing, shares his incredible journey. Tune in to discover how Roderick has built a portfolio of more than 2,600 units of multifamily properties across five states. His passion for empowering his colleagues, family and friends to achieve financial freedom through safe and cash flowing apartment investments is truly inspiring. In this lively conversation, you'll gain valuable insights into Roderick's experiences while exploring the importance of diversifying income streams. So, sit back, relax, and let's delve into this delightful chat that will leave you considering alternative investment opportunities for a more secure financial future!


  • Key considerations for passive real estate investors focus include trusting individuals over deals, honesty, transparency, and adapting to uncertainties.
  • Learn from mistakes and adapt to unforeseen challenges.
  • Market selection is important with emphasis on fundamentals like job growth and affordability, and the potential for value-added improvements in chosen areas.
  • The role of financial advisors is scrutinized, pointing out conflicts of interest and their potential to hinder unbiased financial decisions. 
  • Go beyond traditional advice and consider personal goals and risk tolerance when it comes to portfolio allocation and investing in different asset classes.

“You're not investing in the business, you're investing in people.”

“Currently if your return is zero because you're not invested, I would say take action because your ROI will be better than zero–it'll be better than what you're doing now.”

Dr. Roderick Capelo is a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon and seasoned multifamily real estate investor. In the last few years, He and his partners have acquired over 2,600 multifamily units across five states and he is a General Partner in 1,100 of those units. Through Fortis Equity Group, he is now connecting physician colleagues, family and friends with safe, cash-flowing multifamily investments to help them achieve true financial freedom.


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welcome back to better returns where we teach you how to invest like a pro my special guest today is Roderick Capello he's a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in a seasoned multi multi-family investor in just an all-around great guy he's also a great dancer are you a professional just semi uh Semi-Pro yeah

he's working on it though um in the last few years he and his Partners have acquired over 2 600 units of multi-family units across five states he's in a general partner in about 1100 units of those so through his company Fortis Equity Group he's now connecting physician colleagues family and friends with safe cash flowing multi-family Investments to help them achieve through Financial Freedom welcome to the show Roderick thank you so much for having me I really appreciate it well I always like to start with your origin story how did you discover real estate investing well um oh this hopefully this is a two-hour podcast because the story is kind of long no I'm just kidding so I'll try to give the abbreviated version so you know I graduated from a residency back in 05 and you know had no idea how to run a business nobody tells you that medical school started Private Practice having no idea what I was doing with my former partner and I and but but um those are negotiating with hospitals we were really making we're living high on the hog as they say down here in Texas and uh and just really really killing it and uh and you know I'm um you know about to build almost a million dollar home and uh and then had a meeting with a hospital CEO one morning where they decided to give this uh this a call contract agreement to another group that affected about 40 or 50 percent of my compensation so my more my mortgage is about to double uh my conversation is about to get good in half and not one hour later one of my best friends calls me and says hey Rod you look at ways of making money outside your regular job yeah what does that sound like to you yes network marketing so like every the doctor should I got involved with network marketing and uh and you know um every marketing company which this was uh if they see people who have subramas they're going to introduce youtube personal development so I started reading Jim Rohn John Maxwell all these great authors and a few months later one of one of my good friends and my mentor in this company said would you like to go to the home of Jim rohn's business partner for 20 years for a master of my meeting wow I had no idea what a mastermind meeting was but I went and I joined this Mastermind Group which is a bunch of phenomenal people uh led by my friend Kyle Wilson and um and over time I just sort of started changing the way I thought you know I started thinking uh with more positivity and thinking you know to only focus on what I can control many people in that group are Real Estate Investors attorneys but I met two folks who are Real Estate Investors um Robert Helms and also um Mark Kinney or I think you know on both of them and uh and so I started going to these real estate conferences because I realized Hey listen all of my eggs were in this basket and it's medicine it's supposed to be a safe basket isn't it but no such no such luck I realize things are not in my control only a certain amount is and so I realized I needed to create an income stream outside of medicine uh and so I started going to Real Estate meetings and I didn't know the first meeting I went to I didn't know economic vacancy from Cabaret I had no idea what they were talking about I really didn't and I just kept going to meetings and meetings I know it's not you and I met and uh and eventually I felt like I could kind of understand things and so and I had the money in the bank but I got cold feet didn't invest and then it happened a couple more times and finally I said listen you know um what should favors those who take action so I went and ended an investment and it went well and in another investment as a passive investor well and repeated that five or six more times over about a year period and continue to go to these meetings and getting got into coaching program and I realized after a while hey these Investments are going well it's non-medical so I don't have to worry about what the government regulations or what insurance companies do I can control where I put my money and who I did do business with so I realized up in this interesting situation where you know um I understand real estate now I understand I speak real estate and I speak doctor and not just doctor any other uh individuals who make a good living and especially or in an industry that's beyond their control so I felt like it was my obligation to create an Avenue a company where if people wanted to create a secondary passive income stream outside of their normal um industry they could do that yeah you covered a lot of great ground there first off multiple streams of income and not relying on your primary employer everybody thinks oh I'm working for this big company my life is real secure your income source is one company that company decides to change things downsize something happens with the economy maybe there's a pandemic maybe there's a supply shortage I love your thinking and you're helping other Physicians and friends and family realize that okay you do need to have another stream of income I think that's a really big message there you shared and then the masterminds you know I gotta started getting masterminds probably six or seven years ago and if it's not really commonplace you realize you and I are in one of the high price masterminds together and we all are in multiple masterminds I think two or three four at any given time the general population doesn't realize they exist and I think that's really great you touched upon is like there's you don't know what you don't know if you've seen that same circle of friends you're not going to grow you're not going to see these opportunities that you and I see and I started a multi-family now we do all sorts of venture capital investing in super lucrative kind of risky sometimes things but real estate is our core so I think that was a really good message there in terms of that to talk about but then you started passively investing first before you started to really get into the operations tell me a little bit about how your experience was as a passive investor when you first started out um well when I first started out I was still learning and so you know I took a leap of faith in fact it's kind of funny man I I went back and looked at I was looking at some stuff some old files and I saw the performer or the one picture I got for the very first investment I did and there's not even enough information for me to invest yeah like I would I would ask for much more information but I was like oh that's good and I invested you know so I just I just had to know what everyone was doing but um I think one of the main things is through this master of my groups I saw I met I got to know people beforehand they were already my friends when I invested with them so uh I did go on a leap of faith right and so it's it's nice to do business with people you know some people say oh don't do business with your friends well that is the mentality but but sometimes you who who let her do business with someone that you trust right and so um and so at first I I took a leap of faith because those people that I trusted and they went well I was getting you know quarter distribution check it was very easy because it was completely passive uh it was at a time when Real Estate was doing really well which um there's some challenges now but we'll get back there and you know there's always ways to make money in any kind of economy um but you know it was investment after Investments seem to be doing well and so that's what I thought you know I can't be the only person that wants to hear this information and you know doctors get pitched everything we're gonna in fact the joke is when the doctor start investing get your money out because it's too late and so yeah we're notoriously awful and we get pics of everything and so I realized hold on my my colleagues I know what they're going through and I know now I have this Avenue this this group of people that I know well they're my friends but I invest with that I trust because I know them I know they're kids they know my kids and I just felt like it was really my obligation to share that information I was being selfish to not like how did I how do I have information that could be your key to freedom and I don't share it with you that was just cognitive dissonance to me so I was sort of compelled to do this and uh it's not always easy but it's always worth it in my opinion yeah that's wonderful that you do because if they're not aware of it they don't know it's an option another one that I'm a retired executive I had all my money in the stock market people don't know you can get your money out of the stock market with a self-directed IRA and get it out of there and invest in a concrete asset like real estate so I agree with you I love the fact that you're spreading the wording helping people that don't know this is even an option to them yeah

there you go yeah me too it's like I know about until about six or seven years ago I would have done that long ago um so I guess what do you look for you mentioned okay early on looked at an investment you know Pro Form or whatever and didn't really know what you were doing what are the things going back what are the key things as a new passive investor you really should look for before you write a check what are the kind of a few few things that you really like people people you're not investing in the business you're investing in people uh you know and so uh you know it's it's who is the person you're investing in you know one of my mentors uh says don't do a good deal with a bad person or a bad deal with a good person and so for me it's foremost and I'm blessed that I have enough deal flow coming in that I know the people if I am I going to do this an email in my inbox and it may look like a good deal on paper I have another person I just delete it there's no reason for me to keep that and so number one is people you know and the qualities those people have to have is honesty transparency Integrity now to some people these are those are Baseline to a joke but but for some of us and I know you're you're the same way this is the words that we live by right you know I have young kids I have five 10 and 12 year olds and you know when I do business and I use those words um I I'm I'm demonstrating to my children I'm trying to be the man that I want them to see and emulate grow up to be so that's what I look for in a partner is do I know this person and so so someone listening to myself I don't know anybody well maybe you go out and meet somebody you know whether it's a there's there's a meet-up groups all over all everywhere this is real estate investing in every Major Market and you're not going to go put a hundred thousand dollars on the first time you meet somebody you're creating a relationship it's farming it's not hunting it's it's you know it's get to know somebody and and and uh so that's number one is is I look for as people now for the deal itself and uh this may sound weird but in some ways the deal is fairly secondary because I know good people can turn a bad deal and make it decent bad people can take a good deal and run to the ground to be very honest with you and so uh great now you know needs to be in a good Market with all Market fundamentals and all the Nitty Gritty details that you and I can you know get out over but at the end of the day to me it's really it's really people it really is it's it's do you know like and Trust the person you're dealing business with do you are they are they going to operate with honesty Integrity transparency communication to me that's that's the team right right I fully agree do you hit the nail on the head it's really you're invested in an individual you know the asset is kind of secondary as long as the core it's a good location location population growth and employment the simple stuff they need any experiences I like to ask anything I've had a couple challenging experiences if you had any as a passive investor

in real estate was as a single family uh investing and another guy uh in my room in my network marketing company that uh people vouched for him he seemed like a good guy I asked him for references hear what she gave me which in retrospect seems kind of dumb because no one's going to give you a bad reference so here's a reference of the last guy I stole fifty thousand dollars from because no one's gonna do that so so it was one of those situations where I put up the money and he did the rehab and we spent the profits and long story short I lost about forty thousand dollars of it and so that was my that was as a before I did it was multifamily stuff this is a single family home and one of my friends uh uh he says he has a saying there's there's no less than like a bot lesson when you pay for that lesson you have a tendency to to remember it and so that's why I realized okay I need to really know the people that I'm investing with and so uh so that was number one and you know nothing in life is 100 you know I wish as a doctor and 100 of my patients do beautifully uh they don't it's like 99.99 no I'm just kidding you know there's life is developer right there's gonna see these are things that didn't turn up I'm actually in a deal right now uh that um is in a good Market with good Market fundamentals but there's a series of things that happen like um a boiler went out it was only a year old so when we looked at it and thought Oh it's only your own great yeah couponers went out actually uh the way the visiting was designed you can't shut off the air the water to just one one one unit so we had to drop the water to the building uh there was a hard freeze a bunch of vice versa so it was this thing after theme happened that just made it so challenging to keep up the occupancy and so now did anybody do anything wrong I feel like we did adequate due diligence there was there was just a series of things that happened that nobody could see coming some of them ask of God if you will weather related things like that uh and you know and so you know we're doing our best we can to preserve our investors capital and No One's Gonna Lose anybody I don't believe uh but it's not a fun situation but it's a situation that sometimes happens you know and that's one I'm a passive or a general partner and probably about 12 or 13 deals and that's that's one of them that's the only one that's been anything more than very lucrative and so um but I learned you know they say that the worst part of any kind of mistake or the worst part of any downside is is if you don't learn from it right and so yeah you know some of the things I've learned from it is you know you can't control every variable they said there is some risk in this business a lot less risk than in the stock market where some guy you don't know is drinking 500 bottles of wine on a Friday night it doesn't say about you uh but uh but um nothing in life is 100 and so that's why if you if you if you know like and Trust the person you're dealing with at least you know listen they're not the Swindle me that's a good person some things what you didn't didn't go our way but but you you feel comfortable with the decision you made still I like that that you've acknowledged you're obviously a seasoned investor you realize things are going to happen that are outside of the operators or the property Management's control you know and that's where really great that in and the most important thing is that the operators are communicating that to the investors so they know I know we had um somebody ran through a gate or whatever one of our apartment complexes it was pretty catastrophic I mean it was like twenty thousand dollars worth of Damages so we need to make sure our investors knew that okay nobody got hurt and you know we're taking care of his insurance is going to cover so that's really good that you know you've got you're working with individuals that are transparency like you said in Wall Street you invest in a stock you have no idea what they're doing you can't call them accountable for anything you're just at the mercy of that company that Corporation here you can call it Broad and say hey Rod what's going on with my investment I think that's the power of this and it's a physical asset too tell me a little bit more about like what are you looking for in a market now okay you're going to vet the individual now let's let's talk a little bit more about how you vetted eel well you know I mean there are some to me uh you know my my primary uh deal would be like 100 to 500 units um typically value-added doesn't always have to be and that what that means to your listeners is is is rubber companies are not really being uh run properly either the older maybe a little dilapidated but there's an opportunity to come in and make them look nicer they're being I also think about it like a business I'm not really buying real estate I'm buying a business and so if this is being run poorly and so there's a lot of operational efficiencies you can clean up uh it's really nice if it's in businesses I'm sorry in states that are easy to do business uh we provide free primary I think you do as well like the Sun Belt you know uh from Florida to Arizona up to the Carolinas maybe up as far as Kansas and Arkansas up there um and really it needs to have some some jobs for the type of people that are going to be in our complexes which is generally blue color folks uh it was it really needs to have some job growth so it's nice when there's large companies in the area like the federal expresses of the world or the Amazons of the world things like that um and then I also look at you know what do the housing markets look like there if the housing is really overpriced there's going to be people that want apartments right and so um so there's a lot of different things you can look at and uh no you can also get lost in the minutia you can overanalyze anything so at some point you have to you have to realize okay do I feel like I've looked under enough look at enough holes look at enough variables that there's a reasonable expectation that I covered most of my bases uh and then if you have then you know I feel comfortable pulling the trigger but you know like I said job growth opportunities for jobs yeah if there's a bunch of white-collar jobs and I have a c apartment complex that's not really what I'm looking for I'm looking for folks that are going to live in that complex and vice versa so um that's most I look for and here's a here's a more uh larger question like what percent I'm interested to get your opinion like what percent of you think somebody the average person let's say you're a high net worth individual more percent of your portfolio do you feel should be in the stock market used to be the 60 40 split 60 stocks 40 bonds which of course we know that isn't great nowadays what just what what's up what do you think a good portfolio mix would be just curious zero results dogs

can people make money in crypto yes they can am I going to spend the time necessary to learn that industry to feel simple to be a comfortable investing in it I'm not I just don't have a kind of time so I'm not suggesting that you can't I I think I think the stock market is a much more gambler's personally I don't trust those guys any further that could throw them I really don't so whenever two you divest all of my rollover irony money in the in the subgranted ira of sorts from the qrp and invest in real estate I did that I do the only money I have in the stock market is the 401K for my medical practice uh and I'm the administrator and I called the company and said I would like to make an amendment that you can do this this and that Bob from it and they said oh no we can't do that sir I said I'm the administrator of course we can anyway it's the whole industry is amazing it's like in Imagine Hotel California they think that you can check out your money can check out but it can't ever leave right it's always going to be there you know they won't let you have it back when I try to divest sell my money uh for my brother or 401K for my previous financial planner he said well we have a foreign

for you to give me my own money back think about that yeah it was but that attitude is pervasive with that industry which is why I don't I don't really have any money in the stock market I have friends that do the not really day trading but like wheat trading you know over weeks or and they're making multiple five diggers a month so I know it can be done I um I just I I think that industry is too risky for me personally so I have very little of the stuff like it all right all right and those things because I'm an emotional guy so when you see something up and down blood the streets going on that make a difference to me you made a good point the people that are making money on the stock market are those that are actively trading with the Fibonacci methods and all these things those are the people that are making money you and I you put your money because we're not going to actively manage that portfolio we're going to stick it there and let it sit there for years and years and years and and it doesn't grow like real estate historically that that's that's a challenge um

another one you mentioned financial advisors I think this is really interesting because most of our clients again High net worth they want to you know diversify their portfolio boy whenever I run to somebody with a financial advisor they're the toughest case to show demonstrate the value because they've got a financial advisor and I think I did a podcast outfits come out yet on This was um they're biased I'm sorry their their income is based on how much assets they have under management with you how do you help in individuals that you know you you probably have lots of doctor friends that have financial advisors no no don't do that keep all your money in the stock market how do you help them get over that hurdle that maybe you should take some of it out of there and put it in this how do you how do you handle that yeah that's like trying to convince someone's witmaker that they need to hurt them right and so it's like they want you to grow their hair they have a vested interest in you taking your money with them they make money on what percentage of the money you have with them so it's taking money out of their pocket yeah to invest with you and the interesting thing is that's not the way we get paid and so um you know from the way we do business is is um it doesn't it it's not directly related to almost what someone has invested would be whereas that's the way it is for the financial planner so that right there tells you the system is set up for them to say no no they'll put your money over there keep it right here on my bucket that's what I get paid and so well sometimes it's it's explaining that to them people oftentimes don't realize that or they don't really think of it in terms of you know this is the person that they've met with several times typically they probably give it up some good advice about insurance and some things that make sense like the I'll try to roll my eyes can you hear about eye rolling on the podcast of dollar cost averaging and stuff like that right and so um and so they're giving some good advice and so there's some level of trust there but they don't realize a lot of people don't realize that they have a vested interest in you not pulling your money out with them even if it makes sense they haven't that well I have this other you know this other product and that's what they're doing they're selling products and so it's it's making people realize that there's so many products that are delayed that don't have a good tax treatment for you when you make money from them you pay you got to do taxes on it and they have a vested interest in you doing business with them and only them and uh and I think sometimes when you're when you when you when you um when you break it down like that I've got a couple different responses one is oh wow I didn't know that and they're a little more open to it uh other folks especially doctors because you know doctors they don't like to be told they're wrong or if you don't wear that or not we pretty much know everything so we'd like to be told they were wrong essentially to my physician qualities they're almost in denial like they almost don't want to admit like like around well you know this this could be true no no no this this and that and this is my friend and blah blah I'm surely if that's great then your friends my friend my friend for air quotations when I pulled out multiple hundred thousands of dollars to invest in real estate in various different projects that the conversation I referred to were about to form to pull money out that I have not had a phone call from him not a single woman not ever not since that day wow that's not telling me that was my friend my quote unquote friend they're friends and so you pull the money out and then they don't have any use for you and now is everybody like that no but uh but to me that was like if there was ever a way to cement that I made the right decision anyway see if the guy calls hey how's it going with the real estate stuff zero NADA zilch and that's been 2017 16. yeah so that was very eye-opening man very very disappointing quite honestly but very eye-opening it's clearly a testimonial is that okay if you're not doing something for them they're not going to do anything for you and that's that's right everybody's like that wow but I I've had very few people that have said they have a financial advice I mean I can count on one hand those people that have converted I probably talked to 30 people or something that have said oh yeah you know what I do believe I should because they're financial advisor they're gonna go to the financial advisor they're gonna say no don't do that of course they're not but I I know I was just interested to hear your perspective on that it is a challenge if you feel bad for that person like okay you're about to retire and a hundred percent of your money is in the stock market you know the recovery of that could be disastrous for you you know I'm always talking to my doctor friends in the hospital and things like that and especially anesthesiologists because I'm doing surgery and you know like in the movies there's a little Chit Chat going on and uh and I see them on a regular basis food over two or three hours at a time and uh there's a lot of them out to say no here's what I'm doing and oh and tomorrow I'm gonna leave to go to Little Rock to see one of our property is and and I said do you have any interest in you know being on my newsletter or just you know learn about real estate he goes no subcommer girl in my life that I decided we're just gonna invest only in the stock market and I thought OMG came to mind like oh my gosh I almost want to say a prayer for that guy like um let's go for him now I just it was it was it was unfortunate but you're right so people just have that idea and uh I guess they want to ride the wave up and down and up and down and up and down and if you want to play the dip that's fine it wouldn't play you know but uh I just choose not to live with and I choose to make money while we're making differences in communities because that's something I've talked about is you're providing good resource housing in a place that needs it in a place that was run down so you're not just making money you know just wholesaling something you're making money off of a transaction that doesn't really help anybody you are providing good housing and making money in the process I love that too because typically when we take over properties because we're doing value ads there may be a little bit run down we're improving the living experience for the residents and I think that's so important that you're doing this you're coming and renovating you're making a safer Place usually well always safer with no more Lighting in and put dog parks in we actually had Gates sometimes but yeah I do think that's a really good part of it and there's a shortage of housing in the United States so we are taking things that aren't that great to live in and making them nicer and allowing more people to have a positive living experience so I think that's important too that's good that's good wow you've just covered a lot of ground here today Roderick now we're gonna roll this up it is it is and it's important um we're gonna go to the lightning round

can be fun you're gonna people are going to learn a little bit more about you are you ready sure buzzer big bucks though no no buzzer there's not a time thing it's not time there's five tough questions for you the first one what was your nickname as a child

um it really too Rocky or rock my my uh my sister couldn't say Roderick so she said rocket well that very quickly got changed to rock in fact my brother when I call him he goes hey Rock what's up so it's rock I love that and so and so I named my son I didn't ever want to have a junior but I named my son Rocco so I'm big rock and he's what they call the capital of Arkansas

so that's what my daughter say Daddy's big rock and Rocco is the capital of Arkansas Little Rock oh I love that that's great that's great number two a morning person or night owl uh not out for sure like like the undead like I'm walking with the zombies I mean I can stay up till three or four in the morning uh sometimes just getting worked out we're all literally sometimes I'll fall asleep with a computer in my lap for two hours I wake up at three o'clock in the morning and then get another hour where the work done and they go to bed it's it's not great it's it's really erratic sleeping habits but I do I work better I mean I probably do um I mean when I get up and I'm well rested I do a lot of good work in the morning but I'm gonna now there's no question you know yeah Kindred Spirits same thing same thing man I love that we're we're a separate breed there's only 30 of the population that are so we're the minority and the world is not centered around us we know that well medicine makes you a morning person because surgery starts at seven you have to get up at 5 30 or 6 or and as a resident I was getting up at 4 35 every morning and so uh so it changed my personality to some degree but but now that I'm you know back and doing my own thing and yeah you know not on someone else's schedule I've gravitated slowly to be more than that up good good you can force your schedule to accommodate you instead of you accommodating the world number three what's the first thing you do if you won the lottery the first thing I do with the lottery uh

well this isn't very exciting but I'm now up for a cash flow password is I would find investments in great cash flow so that I never had to test the principal I know it's not exciting but before I ever decided who I was going to give the money to how to create a scenario where I could live off of the invested interest and never touch the principle because I'll be there for my errors um um and then and then I would decide okay now I have this cash flow machine who am I going to give it to what's what what um you know uh What uh projects am I going to support which relatives are going to support but at first I would use that to create a category machine Legacy wealth you're doing Legacy wealth for the family that's so great number four if you live anywhere in the world where would it be well that's a tough one that's a tough one because I have a five 10 and 12 year old and we live in this little suburb of Dallas Fort Worth and it's like the bubble of all bubbles like my kids ride their bike to school within a Three Buck area we hang out with like 10 or 15 couples like literally you'd have drinks and literally walk a walk and a half home like we have to get our car I don't know I have to get our car together so it's it's it's it's I I might fix this house up and live in this house until my kids graduate high school because it's just too great for it you know it's not like it's a huge house it's a nice house but it's it's the experience is what I want my kids to have right now I know that's not a that's a that's you notice my answers don't often revolve around me because I mean a lot of people I'm taking care of and I think about but if I live anywhere in the world I mean I really like Turks and characters I'm telling you that's a beautiful beaches a great place to be um I could live on that beach been there several times I love it love it person yeah your answers are so grounded I love that about it too late for this board that board and I'm interested in my community right now that's where I am in my life right now you know I'm not really thinking about retirement I'm in the production years and the the you know the grinding years if you will but it's a lot of grind doing what you do exactly you have to number five then the last question uh what's one piece of advice you would give to new investors to help them get better returns

hmm well we talked about knowing the people uh getting to know people um well as they as a lifelong procrastinator and as a surgeon who can who can uh complicate pretty much anything like by analysis about paralysis I would say currently if you're if your return is zero because you're not invested I would say take action because your your Roi will be better than zero it'll be better than what you're doing now whether it's 80 or 15 or 25 or 35 it's better than the zero you're getting right now yep yep very good mic drop excellent Rodriguez thanks so much for being on the show where they can get a hold if you already learn more about the great things you're doing and how you help people well you go to the FBI Most Wanted Pages no I'm just kidding you can find me sorry I can't turn it off you can find me at uh you can go to my website at Fortis equitygroup that's f-o-r-t-i-s-equity or you can just email me at passive income at Fortis Equity Group and connect with me and I'd love to schedule a call and see what I do is I just get to know what their goals are and what they what they do like and don't like and where they are on their stage of life and and see if there's something that we have that we'll meet with it's a good fit for them outstanding thanks so much and that will be in the show notes you guys if you didn't get that you can always contact me through that thanks so much for being on the show it's always fun to hang out with you alrighty take care yes sir thank you and that's a wrap thank you for listening to better returns brought to you by Hanson Holdings if you enjoyed this episode please leave a five star review because it helps others discover this valuable content if you would like to earn truly hands-off passive income go to where we help you invest in large apartment complexes to grow your family's wealth see you next week with another awesome episode have a great day