Better Returns: Invest Like a Pro

Engineering a Great Real Estate Deal with Marshall Sykes

April 25, 2023 Marshall Sykes Episode 21
Better Returns: Invest Like a Pro
Engineering a Great Real Estate Deal with Marshall Sykes
Show Notes

We're at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to interest rates but fear not, engineer turned real estate investor, Marshall Sykes shares some great insights about what's going on in the world of real estate and what we might expect in the future. With some owners needing to sell, you could be in a great position to make a smart investment. And if you're worried about inflation eating away at your cash, real estate is a great option.


  • Marshall grew up in a real estate development family, learned the trade, and helped his parents with their business as a teenager.
  • Time spent in the military gave him a unique experience that he can now apply to real estate investing.
  • He learned about multi-family syndications and became a passive investor before deciding to become a general partner in the industry.
  • Within apartment investing, there are still diversification opportunities.
  • Rising interest rates have caused significant impacts on multifamily investments. 
  • Rate cap is an insurance policy that allows investors to keep their interest rates within a certain range.

“There's so many ways to benefit from real estate."

"I want to invest in different properties in each one of those categories so I have a good mix."

Marshall Sykes is the President and Owner of Capitano Investing Group. He is a real estate investor at heart, having grown up in a real estate investing and development family. He is a General Partner in 3500+ multifamily units and has owned single family rental properties for 25+ years.


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