Better Returns: Invest Like a Pro

1. Welcome to Better Returns!

November 26, 2022 Matt Hansen Episode 1
Better Returns: Invest Like a Pro
1. Welcome to Better Returns!
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Welcome to Better Returns where we will help you invest like a pro!

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Welcome to Better Returns where you learn how to invest like a pro.

We created this podcast to help educate you about investing options outside of Wall Street’s control.

This podcast is for you if you want capital preservation - you know, keeping the money you already have. Or if you want to truly diversify your investment portfolio. Meaning, you’re not just buying different stocks and mutual funds. This podcast is also for those who want to gain freedom through passive income or create legacy wealth for you and your family.

So if you are tired of depending on the stock market casino to grow your wealth, then you are in the right place. You’ll hear from savvy investors with real life examples about how to passively invest in alternative assets…things that Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about. 

These are investments that only the ultra wealthy had access to before… using their inside connections. 

So let this podcast be your inside connection.

I learned this lesson the hard way. Of course years ago when I started out, I did what Wall Street told me. I had 100% of my investments in the stock market. In 2008, I took a $300,000 loss. 

And that is why I’m so passionate about spreading the word about passively investing in real estate and other assets. Many people don’t even know they have investing options outside of Wall Street.

In addition to our apartment portfolio, my wife and I are invested in diverse asset types that include: raw land entitlements, gold mining royalties, a vineyard, a road construction startup, private money lending and a little bit of crypto. 

The beauty of passively investing is that you are not trading your time for money. You write a check and allow the experts to manage the performance of your investment.  

However it’s absolutely critical that you complete your due diligence on the person and company you are investing with. From guests on the show, you will hear about the good and bad experiences they’ve had and how to effectively vet those whom you are trusting with your hard earned money.

The other key element is to understand your personal investing criteria and that really depends on what stage in life you are in and your financial goals. To shorten your learning curve, you’ll learn from savvy investors with all different types of backgrounds and investing perspectives. 

If you are new to passive investing in real estate, I recommend you listen to the first 5 or 6 episodes to get a better understanding of what it's all about.

The goal of this show is to make you a more confident investor and expose you to investments you likely don't know about. This can have a life changing impact for you and your family. It certainly has for ours.

We hope you find value in the show and take action with your new investing knowledge!

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